Referencias - References

Cartas de referencia de mi trabajo de dos orientaciones diferentes de mi experiencia.

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Below are two references to my work from two different aspects of my experience

Alison Rayner 2 October 2007
To whom it may concern

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Rob came to work with me as a voluntary sculpture assistant in March 2007 for six months. While he was finishing his Stonemasonry course he approached me with an interest in learning more about the working style and trade of an artist-sculptor and how to place his own skills in a wider context.

Rob was set the task of carving some specific pieces from my drawings. As I do not work with maquettes or with templates, this was an opportunity for him to discover the ‘freestyle’ approach to carving, which he was initially tentative with. He had opportunities to carve in a wide range of stone from soft alabaster to hard marble and to use a variety of tools to speed up the carving process.

He also learnt extra skills such as polishing and pinning stone objects. He already has strong chiselling skills but this internship with me has added a further set of skills and understanding regarding stone. During this time, I was working also with ceramics and plaster mould-making, so Rob also had an insight into this aspect of sculpture and learnt particularly about the process of making plaster casts. I was also working with metal rod, pipe and plastics, adding further dimensions to stone.

I also invested in several new pieces of equipment for transportation and lifting stone so Rob learnt how these worked and how important they were to help with the safety aspects of a studio and to conserve a carver’s energy.

The six months Rob spent in the studio with me culminated in an exhibition of 14 of my new pieces. This provided Rob with an opportunity to see how an artist takes into account the various technical and aesthetic apsects required in arranging an exhibition, such as lighting, space, layout of the work, plinth sizes, safe transportation, etc.

 Rob is a very cautious but careful carver when working on other artist’s projects. He has a keen awareness of the health and safety aspects of working in a studio. He puts a concerted and focused effort into everything he undertakes. He is a conscientious worker and would make a valuable member of any team. He has good interpersonal skills with a flexible attitude, a caring sensitivity and a willingness to help his colleagues. Rob is a dedicated and reliable person, honest and trustworthy.
I have no hesitation in recommending Rob to any company.

Yours faithfully
Alison Rayner

From English City Stone
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To whom it may concern.
th May 2008 
My company employed Mr Rob Macdonald between May 2007 and April 2008 as a Stone Fitter, his final salary being £32000.
His main duty was the installation of stone treads and risers in Victorian and Georgian properties. Successful completion of this procedure required precise measurement and masonry skills. Rob was also able to undertake works connected to this task such as brickwork, rendering and welding.
Rob was notable for his ability to create a good rapport with my customers, often leading to them complementing me on the positive experience of dealing with my company. I found that I was able to rely on Rob for timekeeping, taking decisions himself when appropriate and referring back to me when circumstances required. Rob was made redundant due to a downturn in the number of contracts won by my company in recent months, and I would willingly re-employ him should this situation change.
Yours faithfully,
Neil J. Balchin
Proprietor, English City Stone